Understand some of the magic behind “rails generate”

📷 Jeremy Bishop

The Generators

The famous rails generate command is part of something called the rails generators.

How to store your environment variables 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♀️

Next.js has already done the job for you and will automatically load your env variables from .env.local . You will be able to access these variables by using process.env.MY_VAR_NAME

> yarn create next-app amazing-app // create a new app
> cd amazing-app
> touch .env.local // create a .env.local file

📷 Walid Ahmad

The basic definition 🤓

MIME types stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.

MIME types are everywhere 🌞

When a user navigates across…

📷 Sushant Vohra

The class Class

The class Class inherits directly from Module, and adds to it all the behavior related to instances. Long story short, Modules are used to add methods to one or several Classes of your app, and Classes are used to manage your objects’ properties.

Krivec Ales — Pexels.com

The Numeric Class

In Ruby, what we call “numbers” are all objects from the Numeric class as we can see on the following diagram :

Olivier Dumas

Fullstack developer in love with Rails, React and Next.js Maker of stanza.dev

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